Brand Ambassadorship at Telling Eros

At Telling Eros, we aim to build long-term relationships with our brand ambassadors. While we do have some expectations, we remain flexible and committed to creating a partnership that works for both of us. For example, you might have more free time one month and do more to promote us, whereas the next month you might be overwhelmed with work, childcare or your health and not have time for anything else.

What you get

  • A free Exclusive Telling Eros Membership
  • An invitation to the private Discord server to chat with writers, exclusive members, moderators and other Telling Eros team members
  • A chance to offer your input in shaping the Telling Eros platform
  • The monthly newsletter containing curated reads from the catalogue, competition opportunities and other Telling Eros news
  • Fresh content to share with your followers and a chance to expand your community

What to expect

The list below is intended as a guide for the type and quantity of engagement we expect from our brand ambassadors from month to month. We recommend you choose at least 2 of the following to do each month:

  • Tag us in your social posts where relevant
  • Link to our website or social profile in your social media bio
  • Share our social posts
  • Like our social posts
  • Comment on our social posts
  • Tag friends in our social posts
  • Tag friends in your social posts that feature Telling Eros
  • Vote in our writing competitions
  • Share one of our web pages to social media
  • Talk to a friend in real life/ private message about Telling Eros
  • Forward one of our newsletters to a friend
  • Join in discussion on our private Discord server
  • Mention us in conversations on social media where relevant
  • Google us and click on our website if we come up in search results

If you would prefer to do a little more, less frequently, we also have a couple of suggestions below for larger ways to promote Telling Eros. One of these tasks could cover 3 or 4 months of ambassador responsibilities:

  • Blog post/ article/ review of Telling Eros
  • Videos of any kind about Telling Eros
  • Creative ideas of your own for how to tell more people about Telling Eros

Quit or pause your ambassadorship

Depending on how long you will have worked with us, we will either leave your Exclusive Telling Eros Membership active, pause or cancel it.

  • If shortly after joining, you realise it’s not for you and decide to quit brand ambassadorship, we will cancel your membership.
  • If you decide to quit after being with us for a significant period of time, we will gift you a lifetime membership.
  • If you’ve been with us for only a short time but need a break, we will pause your membership until you resume.
  • If you’ve been with us for a significant period of time and would like a break from the work, we will leave your membership active indefinitely.
  • We can of course cancel and delete your Telling Eros account at any time at your request.

Apply now

Contact us if you have questions or need help

Head to our contact page to get in touch or feel free to message us on social media (links can be found in the footer below).

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