Can I request changes to my published work?

In short: You can, for minor changes only, otherwise you can submit a new edit.

Minor change requests

If you spot a mistake in one of your published pieces of work, you may place a minor change request.

A minor mistake could be any of the following:

  • Spelling or grammar mistake
  • Mistaken use of a character’s name
  • Continuity error/ mistaken logic

A minor error must be easily fixable with no more than 2 simple copy-swaps. It must not change the overall content of the story.

You may place a minor change request from our contact page by selecting ‘Minor Change Request’ from the subject drop down.

Make sure to include:

  • A link to the piece you would like to change.
  • The before and after copy of the sections you would like to fix.

Edit your work before submission

To avoid the need to make post-publication changes, please edit your work carefully before submission. If you’re able to ask another person to have a read through as well, this is highly likely to improve the quality of your work.

Our Moderation Team reads through all submissions and checks for mistakes before publication. If the work requires further editing, it will be rejected and you will be required to go back and edit before re-submission.

If there are a couple of minor mistakes that don’t inhibit the reading experience, our moderators may accept your submission for publication anyway.

Major changes to a piece of published work

If for whatever reason, you would like to drastically change a piece of published work (we don’t recommend this but it is your perogative as a writer and artist), you can make a removal request. We will remove your work from the catalogue within 12 months of your request.

In the meantime you can submit the new piece, including your major changes, for moderation. We recommend that you use the same title as the original piece but append “- Edit” to the end.

It is not necessary that you request the original piece be taken down, that is up to you. Your readers will certainly prefer that it remain available in the catalogues. You will also be able to continue generating commission from the piece while it remains published.

You can make a removal request from our contact page, just select ‘Removal Request’ from the subject drop down.

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