Can I request that a piece of my work be demoted or removed from the catalogues?

In short: Yes.


If you have written an exclusive piece for Telling Eros that has been published in the Exclusive Catalogue, and you decide one day to publish this piece with another publishing body, you must place a demotion request for the piece to be demoted to the Standard Catalogue.

To place a demotion request, go to our contact page and select ‘Demotion Request’ from the subject drop down.


If the copyright status of one of your published stories changes and you require that one or more pieces of your work be removed from the catalogues, you must place a removal request.

We will remove your work up to 12 months from the date that you place the request so please make sure to give us plenty of notice if this going to happen.

You may place a removal request from our contact page by selecting ‘Removal Request’ from the subject drop down.

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