Does Telling Eros offer a discreet service?

In short: We maintain discretion for our members where possible.

For some of our readers, we understand that you may like to engage with our content privately. We have designed our user experience with your privacy and discretion in mind, but if you feel we’ve missed something and would like to offer your feedback or share your ideas, do please get in touch (select ‘Feedback’ from the drop down).

Bank statements

For all memberships, you will see our company name ‘Readwell Publishing Ltd’ on your bank statement. We felt this was less explicit than our trade name ‘Telling Eros’.

System emails and newsletters

All our automated emails come from with the name ‘Readwell Publishing Ltd’. Our newsletters are sent from also with the name ‘Readwell Publishing Ltd’.

We will make sure not to mention any sexually explicit words in the subject line or first paragraph of the email body.

Web design

Our design is minimal and without sexually suggestive imagery. If someone were to glance over your shoulder while you were browsing our catalogue, they wouldn’t see anything that immediately suggested you were reading erotica, unless of course they managed to read an excerpt.

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