How can I join the Telling Eros community?

In short: There are many ways to get involved including becoming a member, applying to write for us, volunteering as a moderator, following us on social media, signing up to our newsletter, getting involved in writing competitions, beta testing and providing feedback.

Purchase a membership

If you love to read women’s romance and erotica, consider purchasing one of our memberships. We offer:

  • The Standard Membership for £6/ month (£3/ month for the first year while we build up the catalogues). As a standard member, you gain access to a wide and growing variety of romance and erotic literature.
  • The Exclusive Membership for £10/ month (£5/ month for the first year while we build up the catalogues). As an exclusive member, you gain access to the Standard Catalogue plus a growing selection of exclusive content that can’t be read anywhere else!

Our memberships are flexible and can be cancelled, paused and reactivated any time from your account.

To compare our memberships in more detail, visit the Pricing page.

Write for us

If you love to write women’s romance and/or erotica, consider applying to write for us!

Find out more from the following posts:

Volunteer as a moderator

We are often recruiting moderators—our volunteer Moderation Team do a wonderful job ensuring Telling Eros remains of high quality, safe and organised. This is a voluntary position but you will be compensated for your work by means of a free exclusive membership and all the perks that come with it.

Get in touch if you’re interested in moderating for Telling Eros.

Follow us on social media

Keep up to date with Telling Eros news, competitions and romance/erotic content by following us on Twitter and Instagram.

Sign up to the newsletter

Join our general newsletter for teasers, competitions, Telling Eros news and writer profiles. You can sign up from the form in our footer, at the bottom of this page.

Get involved in our writing competitions

We periodically host writing competitions with cash prizes to attract new readers and writers and engage our existing community.

Check out our competitions page to find out when our next competition will be. You can read past entries from our all competitions page.

Join our Discord server

If you are a writer, moderator, beta tester or exclusive member, you are welcome to join our Discord server. We will have sent you an invite link when you created your Telling Eros account however if you lost it, check the links in our footer below or get in touch.

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