How does Telling Eros support women?

In short: We created this platform for women first.

We decided to create Telling Eros was because we recognised how both women writers and women readers of erotic literature were being underserved by other major platforms.

Women readers of erotica

At Telling Eros, we aim to support women readers of erotica by providing:

  • High quality, relevant content.
  • Content that’s easily accessible and categorised appropriately.
  • A safe and discreet environment with which to enjoy our content.
  • Affordable and flexible memberships.

Women writers of erotica

We aim to support women writers of erotica by providing:

  • Another revenue stream for the work that you love.
  • Inclusion within the Telling Eros community of writers and exclusive members via our private Discord channel.
  • Feedback including reader ratings and comments on your work.
  • A public profile with details about yourself and your work.
  • A stamp of quality given our strict moderation standards.

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