How is commission calculated?

In short: Commission is calculated based on reader engagement metrics such as ratings, views and comments.

How big is the writers’ revenue pool?

All additional revenue from the Exclusive Membership goes toward supporting our writers. Currently this amounts to 40% of the exclusive membership fee or £4 per £10 membership. All Standard Memberships and the equivalent part of the Exclusive Membership (£6) goes toward the maintenance and development of Telling Eros.

This means that the more exclusive members we have, the bigger the writers’ revenue pool.

How is commission divided among writers?

  1. Each month, we take note of your engagement metrics for that month. This includes statistics such as post ratings, views and comments.
  2. We take into account data across your entire Telling Eros portfolio. This includes your exclusive and non-exclusive work across both the Standard and Exclusive Catalogues.
  3. The writers’ revenue pool is then divided unequally among all our exclusive writers, relative to your engagement metrics, in comparison with the other writers.
  4. Depending on where you are based and what currency your bank account is in, we will endeavour to pay you your fee as soon as possible within the following month.
  • Remember that you must have published at least one story to the Exclusive Catalogue in order to start earning commission.
  • Note that each month’s engagement metrics are considered independently to those of prior months. So if you have a low month don’t worry, it will have no influence on your future earnings!

Read more about our Writers’ Payment Policy.

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