How is Telling Eros different from other erotic literature platforms?

In short: Telling Eros is for women first; we compensate our writers; we offer high quality content that’s easy to read and access.

For women by women

Most other major erotica websites lack a quality selection of content made for women. We’ve found that what exists (if anything) is often poorly written, irrelevant or, in the worst cases, offensive to women. The best pieces of work often require significant searching to find and bookmark.

Telling Eros strives to solve these issues by:

  • Curating a selection of high quality women’s romance and erotica, available from a single location: the Standard Catalogue.
  • Offering exclusive romance and erotica that can’t be found elsewhere on the web, accessible via the Exclusive Catalogue.
  • The majority (if not all) of our content is written by women.

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We support writers

Many erotic literature websites are free to browse. We decided to pursue a membership model to ensure that we can provide high quality content while supporting the writers that create it. We believe that by compensating our writers, we can reward them for making work that our readers love.

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User experience

We were disappointed by the user experience of many major erotica websites. We found that:

  • Content was poorly categorised and therefore difficult to find.
  • Many websites did not optimise for mobile resulting in horizontal scrolling, minute text and buttons too small to tap.
  • There was no way to filter out extreme or undesirable content from search results.
  • There were annoying ads and pop ups.

With this in mind, we have designed our platform such that:

  • Quality control is maintained by our volunteer Moderation Team.
  • Our site is mobile-friendly for easy reading.
  • We keep extreme content filed into a separate catalogue.
  • Our romance and erotica is available via flexible membership which allows us to keep Telling Eros free from ads.
  • We encourage user feedback to help us develop a website that truly works for our community.

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