What risks are there for me to consider as a writer?

In short: At Telling Eros we aim to provide an absolutely risk-free platform for our writers. We give writers flexibility in the ownership of their content as well as the ability to cross-publish for the Standard Catalogue. When you win, we win and vice versa.

Personal data and privacy

Please read our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy to find out how we collect and store your data.

Your Telling Eros portfolio

Once your work has been published to our platform, you won’t be able to make changes to it unless a major mistake has slipped past our Moderation Team or you feel your work has been incorrectly categorised. In this case, please get in touch for change requests.

If you would like a piece of your work demoted from the Exclusive to the Standard Catalogue or removed altogether for any reason, you may submit a demotion and removal request. We will remove your work up to 12 months from the date you submitted the request.

For more information visit the following post: Who owns the literature in the Telling Eros catalogues?


While you are an exclusive writer (i.e. you have written and published exclusive work to the Exclusive Catalogue), you are entitled to a monthly commission. This is calculated based on your reader engagement metrics.

Read our Writers’ Payment Policy for more information.

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