Why write for Telling Eros?

In short: Earn extra cash, benefit from the support of the community we are building, retain ownership of your work, gain exposure to a new audience and generally have fun doing what you love!

We thought it would be valuable to lay out exactly what the benefits are for writing with us—and there are many! We’re still in the early stages, but we are confident that our platform has a lot of potential to benefit the romance and erotic literature communities.

Earn commission

Firstly, we want to explain in more detail how we’re planning to compensate our writers. Our model is two tiered: readers will subscribe for either the Standard Membership or pay a little bit more for the Exclusive Membership.

The Standard Membership will comprise a catalogue of content that our writers have already written and perhaps already published on other free websites.

Readers who become fans of particular authors or sagas can upgrade to our Exclusive Membership. This will consist of stories written especially for the Telling Eros platform and could be follow-up chapters of a particularly popular story, the adventures of a favourite character or bonus content.

When a reader upgrades to the Exclusive Membership, 100% of that extra amount paid monthly will be divided amongst our writers.

To decide how we distribute commissions we have devised an in-house scoring system based on audience reception of your content, incorporating a combination of views, likes and comments.

Read more about how we calculate commission.

We have plans for additional ways for writers to make money in the future with Telling Eros, but for now we’ve worked out that the top writers could earn £550 a month or more depending on readership, while the writers with the lowest engagement could make around £3 – £50.

It will take us time to reach these numbers, but we’re confident that our first successful writers will start earning money this year, once our platform is live.

It’s important for us to make it clear up front that this isn’t going to pay your rent. It will be a side gig for most writers—a way to earn a little extra alongside your main job, doing something that you love.

Supporting women

The porn industry was not built for women; our model is therefore designed around women—women writers and women readers of romance and erotic literature. We want to create a safe, user-friendly and diverse platform to curate the best content and support women writers.

It makes sense to us that women writers would be the best at delivering what women readers want to read, however, we recognise that gender identities are fluid so we don’t want to make any assumptions. Our platform is not designed to exclude or discriminate against anyone, simply to make the best possible experience for women.

Read more about how we support women.

Discreet service

While we believe sex and masturbation should not be the taboo subjects that they are, and that reading erotic literature should not be a shameful activity, we understand that society has a long way to go to reach this point. We therefore aim to be as discreet as possible.

When writers receive payment, it will come from our parent company, Readwell Publishing. When readers sign up they’ll see this name on their monthly bank statement. We set up this parent company solely for discretion—Readwell Publishing and Telling Eros are the exact same team of people.

Our website and communications are designed to be tasteful and subtle. While we’re proud of what we do, we don’t want anyone getting in trouble for exploring their sexuality or practising self-care.


The erotic literature industry has developed over the years, with writing mills, Amazon publishing and personal websites all relatively new options for writers. These are all good things, yet we believe it could be better.

Where legally viable (copyright not being an issue), Telling Eros offers an additional option for writers to consider. We don’t own our writers or their content, we simply ask for exclusivity for as long as your Exclusive Content is up on our platform. If you later decide to publish it elsewhere then you can and must request removal of it from the Exclusive Catalogue (moving it to the Standard Catalogue is recommended to continue accumulating engagement stats on your work).

Read more about who owns the literature in the Telling Eros catalogues.

Gain exposure

With us, you will have access to another audience and the ability to build your own publicity as well.

We’re very happy to be a platform where you can test out the waters: post a variety of content and observe how readers respond. If a story receives positive feedback, you can create more and publish it exclusively, for which some readers will be paying extra, therefore contributing to your commission.

Gain a loyal following on our site and this can only have a positive impact on your writing career. The most loyal readers will actively search out more of your work, generating traffic to your personal sites and marketplaces.


We are building a community of writers and fans! We are creating a space where fans and writers can converse, share ideas and support one another. Get to know fellow writers, share knowledge and have fun!

Read more about how to get involved with Telling Eros.


Apply now via email by clicking the button below. Follow this link to first check our application rules.

We look forward to working with you! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.

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