Morning Spoon

I am awakened by the feel of you pulling me close from behind and I stretch as you slide me closer to you. You wrap yourself around my naked body and sigh as you rub your face in my neck. Your cute sleepy moans make me smile and I relax in your arms. One hand slides up my belly to cup and then gently massage my boob. I love this position so much….feeling completely embraced with full skin contact. It’s so early that only the faintest light is visible outside and my eyes close gently. We lay in the pre-dawn quiet just spooning, relaxed but awake. I was enjoying the feel of your hand lazily fondling me. You shifted closer and whispered in my ear, “I wanna make love with you beboo…I need to feel that connection”. My nipples started to get hard under your palm and I turned in your arms so I could see you and kiss you. You pulled me close and we have our first kiss of the day. I ran my hand along your hamstring and over your ass, feeling your sexy body. My arousal began to awaken and I began to move against you as you kissed me deeper and more urgently, our legs tangling up.

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This story was written by naughtybeboo.

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