Going For a Ride

Harper walked down the sidewalk in a broken heel. Michael, her boyfriend of four months, had jogged after her when she left their ‘romantic’ dinner because he’d been flirting with the waitress.

She’d known when she left the table that she was done. When he’d loomed over her on the sidewalk and called her a harpy, she’d shoved him away and started walking.

Then one of her heels had gotten caught in a storm drain as she’d stomped off, so she walked down the street like a carousel horse, up and down, up and down.

She’d thought Michael was a nice guy, but over the last few weeks, he’d shown his true colors, and they were different shades of green. He was jealous that she made more money than he did.

She heard the roar of an engine coming up behind her, and she took her cell phone out. If Michael made one threatening move, she was going to dial 9-1-1.

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This story was written by Kate Briggs.

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