He Shows His Neighbor How to Stay Warm in a Blizzard

Shep grumbled to himself as he put on his snow boots and parka. Mother Nature had decided to send one last blast of snow to celebrate springtime. And of course some guy who thought he’d spend a relaxing weekend in the mountains got stranded.

Ken had called to say some guy named Vic was staying in his cabin. The line had been crackly, but he’d said Vic was stuck and didn’t know how to hook up the generator.

Shep slammed the door shut on his SUV and revved up the engine while he waited for the garage door to open.

The snow was still coming down. He drove slow. Even with the studded snow tires, black ice under snow packed roads could send him sliding. He made his way slowly up the mountain road to the cabin of what was essentially his next-door neighbor.

When he pulled up and saw a sleek silver BMW, buried in snow up to the tire wells. Shep rolled his eyes. The guy didn’t even have the sense to pull the car into the garage.

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This story was written by Kate Briggs.

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