Reunion Under the Bleachers

Her heart raced as she walked through the old gym. She’d thought the reunion would be at a hotel, not at the very high school, in the very room, where she’d made a fool of herself. She shouldn’t have come back home.

She’d been stupid enough to believe her hard won confidence would carry her through, but in that room, she reverted back to the nerdy seventeen-year-old band geek. She still played the trumpet sometimes.

“Zoey,” Leah called with a wave.

Happy to see a friendly face, Zoey made her way over to the only friend from high school she still kept in touch with.

“I’m so glad you came. I thought for sure work would keep you away.”

“It almost did,” she admitted. Well, work and fear.

“He’s here,” Leah said.

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This story was written by Kate Briggs.

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