Early Morning Wake Up Call

I stir slightly from my sleep, not even opening my eyes, it’s still dark and early.



I fell into such a deep sleep curled up next to you last night that I don’t even remember saying good night. Your strong arms wrapping around my shoulders and lower back. Tucking me up in the softness of the covers, pulling them right up to my neck. Feeling so safe and protected instantly sent me off into the sweetest dreams.

Your broad chest rhythmically rises and falls underneath me. I’m sure you’re still asleep as I sigh quietly and nuzzle into your neck. Your beard rough against my skin. Taking deep breathes of your scent, I absentmindedly trace my finger tips across your shoulder. My eyes still half closed.

I stretch out my legs a little before starting to drift back off to sleep, an awareness in the back of my mind that I’m in a slightly different position from the one I fell asleep in. So dreamily confused, I feel your large hands suddenly gently grip around the back of my thighs. Just underneath my bum I feel you lightly pinch at my soft skin.

“Daddy?” I murmur quietly, confused.

A flash of embarrassment floods into my cheeks, blushing, I squirm, feeling a faint hint of wetness between my legs.

But you say nothing.

You shift your weight underneath me and a pressure meets my hot mound. I can feel now that each of my legs is wrapped around you, straddling you as I lie flat on top of you.

I just don’t remember falling asleep like this…

You raise your hips up to mine, lifting me up a little higher, my petite fingers gripping tighter on your shoulder. Now pushing up at my entrance, you cock head easing its way between my outer folds.

“Daddy?” I whisper again. My eyes still closed I tilt my head up to yours.

“Shhhhh” you press a kiss into my forehead as you hold the back of my upper thighs, legs open and spread around you.

*My god…..I’m soaking wet*

The realisation that I must have become turned on in my sleep dawns on me.

*Was I moaning in my sleep?*

*Did you feel between my legs to see how soaked I’d become? *

I gasp and my eyes flick open as I feel your thick cock head push open my entrance, my slickness easily welcoming you inside. It’s such a pleasant, naughty shock to be woken with you being inside me but I’m so needy. My body now desperate for this.

Desperate for you.

Your hands hold me fast on top of you as you inch your cock deeper inside me. Panting I try to lift my buttocks up to give myself a slight relief from the feeling of being so filled the minute I wake.

“No babygirl. You *need* this.”

Your quiet command makes my cheeks flush deep crimson, I do need this.

We both know it.

Your large hands grab handfuls of my ass, gently spreading me open and pushing me down onto your thick length.

“Yes, D-Daddy”

My fingers twist in the hair at the back of your neck as you expertly manoeuvre me down. Gentle, slow, steady pressure, opening my tight walls little by little.

“I just feel so full”

I whimper into your cheek, my stomach tensing as I try to cope with the feeling of being stretched around your cock.

“You take my cock so beautifully, babygirl”

You growl, sliding one large hand from my ass to my lower back.

I whimper as I realise I can’t move, I don’t even want to move. Your hips raise up to meet mine whilst you hands press down firmer on my lower back, making me take even more of your thickness.

You can tell i’m struggling as your cock head nudges against my cervix and my body twitches.

“Mmmmmm aren’t you a good girl?”

You softly whisper in my ear, bringing a hand up to cup my cheek, your thumb finding my bottom lip. Panting I can only nod my head slowly at your words.

“Taking the full length of my thick cock as you wake up. That’s my good babygirl”

You pull my bottom lip down and lift my face to meet yours. I can’t stop myself from pushing my kisses against your lips, deeply, passionately, urgently.

“I need you to cum for me, sweet babygirl. Can you do that for Daddy? Can you soak me? Hmmmm?”

Your fingers gently cup my throat as you move your kisses down my jaw, your lips softly nipping at my neck.

“Yes Daddy!” I moan. “I need to cum for you!”

Your words turn me on even more as I slip down a little further, your tip now resting against my cervix.

I buck my hips against yours, closing my eyes and resting my fore head against your shoulder. I’m so filled by you it’s difficult to move.

“Give Daddy all of your cum.”

You grip my hips, thrusting your cock up into me as I squeal.

“Who does your tight little hole belong to, babygirl?”

I feel your thighs slam up against my bum cheeks, fully me impaling me onto your swollen girth.

“Tell me who owns that tight little cunt of yours”

You growl, your hands closing protectively around my waist.

“You do Daddy” I cry out “You own my tight little hole”

“Good girl”

You brush the hair from my face, and softly thumb over my rosy cheeks.

“Now. Do it now. Let go babygirl.”

You squeeze my ass as you command me.

“Cum for me. Cum for your Daddy”

I lose myself completely upon hearing your words.

My tight walls shudder and clamp against your cock. Rolling with deep, heavy waves of contraction. My clitoris pulsing with electricity.

“Daddy…..I’m cumming…..all over you. All for you” I sob, barely managing to gasp the words.

My fingers clinging onto you as my body violently shakes with deep orgasm.

Soaking my Daddy’s cock.

This story was written by Kitty Kaplan.

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