What is Telling Eros?

Telling Eros is brand new romance and erotic literature platform that specializes in content created for women by women.

Why Telling Eros?

As a woman, we know you can relate to the experience of trawling through pages and pages of online content framed from a man’s perspective, content that’s largely irrelevant to you and often offensive. You might decide to either invest the time to find those rare few pieces that get you excited, settle for something mediocre or at worst, the intention leaves you and you give up all together.

The vast majority of romance and erotic literature online is oriented towards men. Since 70% of search traffic for the keywords “erotic literature” for example, are attributed to men, this makes sense. What about the other 30%? What are they looking for and are they finding it? From our research there are a few key players in the game. They certainly have quantity but quality is variable and the user experience is not great. Other newer female-led ventures are promising but their focus is not on literature.

What makes Telling Eros unique?

The Telling Eros platform will offer our members a large and growing catalogue of romance and erotic literature via our website and weekly newsletter. Readers will pay a monthly membership of which a fixed percentage will go straight to our writers, forming a complementary relationship and a regular supply of high quality content.

As we are in development, we invite all interested readers and writers to take part and offer your valuable opinions. By involving you in the shaping of our platform, we can build the Telling Eros of your dreams! Just make sure to check the ‘Beta Testers’ box upon signing up if you would like to get involved—help us choose the best writers, moderate content, give feedback on the platform and help us make important decisions!

Why read romance and erotic literature?

First and foremost, academic studies have shown that reading erotic literature can actually be good for your mental health

In psychology the term misattribution of arousal, states that feelings of stress (increased heart rate, anxiety, etc) can be incredibly similar to feelings of arousal. To combat stress and anxiety, many women are able to translate these negative emotions into a positive mental state by reading erotic literature

Romance and Erotic literature is also a great tool to help promote sex positive mindsets, allowing readers to experiment, enjoy, and be comfortable in their more intimate moments. Studies have even shown that erotic literature boosts readers’ feelings of desire and arousal.

In addition, we believe that the porn industry as it currently stands has some problems, especially with regard to the treatment of women. There are some great organisations out there that protect womens’ bodies and rights, but we believe that erotic literature is a great way of avoiding harm altogether, while still enabling the same intensity and arousal as other types of erotic content.

When will Telling Eros launch?

Telling Eros will launch towards the second half of 2021.

In the meantime, we are offering an early bird sign up special! Sign up with Telling Eros today and get your first 3 months of your membership for free.

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