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High quality content

At Telling Eros, quality content is our highest priority. We have several systems in place to deliver content of the upmost standard, straight to our members.

  • We are building a volunteer Moderation Team to assist with the quality assessment of our content.
  • We make sure the writing is of a high standard and abides by our rules.
  • We support our writers via our membership revenue. By offering financial incentive, we strive to keep our writers motivated to keep creating great work.
  • We also offer our writers community support, ensuring that we listen to their feedback and improve the platform for everyone.
  • All published stories have a rating feature whereby readers may score the piece out of 5. Consistently low-rated stories will be considered for removal.

Ease of access and usability

We understand how important it is that our content is easy to find and read.

  • We have designed the website with a minimalist aesthetic. Navigation should be consistent and intuitive.
  • We are recruiting moderators to assist with the tagging and categorisation of all stories. This is to make sure that all our content is accurately labelled and therefore easy to find inside the catalogue.
  • Our website is mobile-friendly—no more zooming in or horizontal scrolling to read on small screens.
  • The platform has been beta-tested to ensure that everything works. We also invite anyone from our community to offer feedback on the user experience via our Contact page.

Wide variety of themes and genres

We aim to offer a wide variety of themes and genres to make sure there is something for everyone.

  • All themes and genres are welcome, as long as they fit within the romance and erotica space. We can easily add new tags and categories to accommodate our writers.
  • We also welcome extreme themes which can be found separately inside the Extreme Catalogue.
  • Telling Eros will keep tabs on the variety of content and offer incentives for writers to fill under-served themes and genres.

Flexible membership

As a member, it’s easy to pause, reactivate or cancel your membership anytime, straight from your account. We will not take payment while your membership has been paused; your access to the catalogues will of course be prohibited during this time.

Support Telling Eros

Telling Eros is a new concept! We will be launching our platform during the second half of 2021. While we are working with writers to build up the catalogues, we welcome your support. You can get involved by any of the following:

  • The Telling Ero Membership is on offer for half price while we gather content. We aim to keep it at this price for the first year or until we reach a critical mass of published stories. Your financial support will help us to deliver on our main goal: to create a platform for romance and erotic literature, written by women for women.
  • We will be hosting regular writing competitions, some of which will offer cash prizes. Sign up to our general newsletter or follow us on social media to read and vote!
  • If you need a bit more time to think and learn more about Telling Eros, you can sign up for our general newsletter. We will send you the occasional email updating you on our news, writing competitions and at some point, new blog articles.
  • Moderate for us and we will reward you with a free membership. If you are a keen reader and like to express your opinion then we welcome you to apply for the position.
  • If you love the concept but don’t have the disposable income right now, a share on social media is massively appreciated.