Writers Payment Policy

The definitions used herein are set out in the definitions clause contained within the beginning of the Terms.

By Writing with Readwell Publishing, Writers are entitled to receive a portion of the revenues received by Readwell Publishing of subscription fees from the Level 2 Subscriptions as defined in the Submissions portion of these terms.


Writers can begin to receive earnings upon launch of the Level 2 Subscription service by Readwell Publishing. Launch of the Level 2 Subscription is dependent on the breadth of the catalogue of work(s) and is at the sole discretion of Readwell Publishing.

If there are no subscribers to the Level 2 Subscription then there are no revenues to divide amongst the Writers.


The potential earnings for each Writer on the Site are determined by various reader engagement data(s) which are evaluated on a monthly basis. This means, each month’s earnings calculations are independent of the prior month. Readwell Publishing reviews each Writer’s engagement statistics for said month relative to all Writers’ engagement statistics to calculate the portion of earnings received.

The better engagement a Writer is receiving relative to their Writer peers using the Site, the more earnings they can receive.

The engagement data is based off of work(s) in both the Exclusive Catalogue as well as the Standard Catalogue.

Readwell Publishing maintains the right to modify and adjust which engagement data is used in the calculation of earnings, to better serve the Site.

c.     PAYMENT

Readwell Publishing will send you payment for any revenues accrued during a given calendar month by sending payment by the last day of the following calendar month. Readwell Publishing reserves the right to adjust at any time the Writer Payments Policy. We will always inform you in advance of any adjustments to the Writer Payments Policy.


In order to accrue or receive payment of any revenues, you must, at all times, have an active Readwell Publishing account and a payout method associated with it. Readwell Publishing does not owe you for any revenues that may be associated with your content during any period in which you do not have a valid account or payout method.